Friday, 31 August 2012

NOTD : Cute Bows

Hey everybody ! Jeeez, this whole week is turning out to have been super hectic with practically no time for nails ! Two of my dogs ate rat poison this afternoon so we had to go to the vets (it wasn't very pleasant, but I'll save the details), just as I sat down to do my nails ! Typical ! So I kind of rushed this manicure, I still think it's super cute though, even though it's not my best work !

Now the first bow I did on this design turned out great, but I soon realised that I didn't have optimal "bow space", meaning my nails are too slim for the bows to actually turn out well. But I decided I really didn't have time to fuss about how perfect my bows were (that being said, I'm about to take it all off and so some other nails), so I just did what I could with the space that I had.

See what I mean about the thumb ? I wish I could have done pretty bows on all my nails !

For this design I used 17 Fairy Cake for the base, and then OPI Big Apple Red for the bow, with details done using my Models Own Wah Nails nail art pens in black and white. I really need to open a new black nail art pen, but for this design I wanted really thin outlining and I decided that a new nail art pen would turn out too thick ! I'll have to check that theory when I next use my black pen !

Okay so I'm now off to do some more nails ! I've decided I'm going to do another series for the third week of September for when I move over to the UK before uni, as I'm barely going to have any time to do and post nails ! You've got my first series to look forward to starting on Monday though for when I go to Cologne !

Enjoy your day !


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