Thursday, 23 August 2012

NOTD : Blue and Orange Stripes

Hey everyone ! Sorry about the late post today, but I actually wasn't planning on doing another NOTD for today's post (the nails I did after yesterday's post were sooo nice, I didn't want to take them off), but I received a package from the Born Pretty Store in the post today, and couldn't wait to try some of the bits out !

So for this design I used the silver striping tape I purchased, which, I have to admit, is an absolute godsend for making lines in manis ! I bought the tape because I'm so lazy when it comes to selotape manis, as I can never be bothered to cut each individual piece of tape, and I can never get them to a uniform length ! The Born Pretty striping tape is about 1mm thick (maybe a touch more) and comes in a roll which I should imagine will last me a lifetime ! The tape is really fine, and isn't too too sticky, so it's great for when it comes to lifting the tape off as it doesn't lift the polish off underneath !

For this mani, the polishes I used were Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream as the base and OPI My Back Pocket. In hindsight I really should have used the orange colour as a base, as Blueberry Ice Cream is so opaque, I think the colours would have been bolder !

Also, here is a quick photo of what the striping tape looks like in action (please excuse the relatively bad quality photo) ! I love the look with the plain striping tape on the nails, but I'm not sure how I'd cope with that ! I think there would maybe be major bubbling when the topcoat goes on ! Do you have any experience with bubbling topcoat over striping tape ?

So that's it for today ! I hope you enjoyed my first ever review, as I look forward to doing plently more with my other purchases ! Also, how would you guys feels about me swatching some plain polishes from my collection ? Or would you rather I stick to the nail art ?

Plus, don't forget to vote for me in Makeup Savvy's nail challenge ! The voting ends tomorrow so get in there quick if you haven't already voted ! Any votes would be greatly appreciated !

For more great offers, don't forget to check out the Born Pretty Store, shipping is free with every order !


  1. I love striping tape - now that I have it, I can't imagine making a tape manicure without it! Looks great.

    1. Thanks ! I can't wait to explore the possibilites with this new addition to my collection !

  2. beautiful! I love the colour combination, one of my favs too! :D


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